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LMGC90 project : user version
# LMGC90 project: user version #
Contains :
* src : the sources of LMGC90 software
* examples : the user examples going with the sources
* manuals : a list of manuals/documentation for the software
* manuals : a list of manuals/documentation for the software in pdf format
* docs : the html documentation generated from the sources
To update to very last version from a terminal in current directory:
$> git pull origin master
To get as specific version, for example *rc2015a* :
$> git pull origin rc2015a
To compile you need:
* A fortran compiler (GNU, Intel or PGI)
* Lapack library
* CMake
* Swig
* Python and numpy
For visualisation:
* Python VTK module
* Paraview
To build the sphinx documentation:
* Latex distribution (with pdflatex utility)
* Sphinx and numpydoc
* Doxygen
* Graphviz
* dvipng
On Ubuntu the list of package needed for compiling and using is:
gfortran gcc g++ liblapack-dev python-dev python-numpy python-vtk swig cmake paraview
For the doc you will also need:
doxygen graphviz sphinx python-numpydoc texlive-latex-extra dvipng
On MacOs using macports:
gcc48 python27 py27-numpy swig vtk +python27 cmake
Reminder for the new versions :
Then you need to set the compiler and python as the default on your system :
sudo port select gcc mp-gcc48
sudo port select python27
For the doc:
doxygen graphvix py27-sphinx py27-pip texlive-latex-extra dvipng
And with pip, install the following python package:
You have several commands to run. If you are not familiar with the terminal and compilation in general
please read the output of each command carefully. And if an error occurs do not blindly run the next
commands, but try to correct it first.
If you are completely at loss
In this directory run:
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../src
Our policy is to not mess with default system paths. So instead we advise to
use a environment variable to add to python the path to our build directory.
In general adding the following lines to your *.bashrc* *.bash_profile* or *.profile*
file does the trick. Of course you have to replace *mybuildpath* by the path to
your own building directory. Basically it is what returns the command *pwd* when
ran in the same directory you ran the commands *cmake* and *make*.
if [ -z ${PYTHONPATH} ]; then
export PYTHONPATH=mybuildpath
export PYTHONPATH=${PYTHONPATH}:mybuildpath
Reminder for the new versions:
To update a subtree directory :
$> git subtree pull --prefix=src --squash remote\_name tag\_number
$> git subtree pull --prefix=src --squash remote_name tag_number
To add a new subtree directory :
$> git remote add remote\_name remote\_url
$> git fetch remote\_name
$> git subtree add --prefix=src --squash remote\_name tag\_or\_branch\_to\_get
$> git remote add remote_name remote_url
$> git fetch remote_name
$> git subtree add --prefix=src --squash remote_name tag_or_branch_to_get
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