Commit 7f0ceb89 authored by mozul's avatar mozul
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Squashed 'examples/' changes from 791c9d3..0459b53

0459b53 fix display files writing in thermal3D example
967187c fix API in electrical example

git-subtree-dir: examples
git-subtree-split: 0459b53073c824920b993f347d96a4e2db868d3e
parent 8332fa34
......@@ -155,13 +155,13 @@ for k in xrange(1,nb_steps+1,1):
iddiskx = disk2rbdy2[itacty-1]
idR2 = int(iddiskx[0])
idTy = int(iddiskx[1])
EPot_d[itacty-1] = RBDY2_GetElectricalPotential(idR2,idTy)
EPot_d[itacty-1] = RBDY2_GetElectricalPotential(idR2)
for itacty in xrange(1,nbjoncx+1,1):
idjoncx = jonc2rbdy2[itacty-1]
idR2 = int(idjoncx[0])
idTy = int(idjoncx[1])
EPot_j[itacty-1] = RBDY2_GetElectricalPotential(idR2,idTy)
EPot_j[itacty-1] = RBDY2_GetElectricalPotential(idR2)
nbdkdkx = DKDKx_GetNbDKDKx()
......@@ -174,3 +174,4 @@ TimeEvolution_WriteLastDof()
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