Commit d5cd31b9 authored by mozul's avatar mozul
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Squashed 'src/' changes from 918d128..61c003c

61c003c Merge branch 'ifort_fix' into 'dev'
02adcd3 get git revision number even if git version is < 1.8.5
f389139 ifort compilation bug fix

git-subtree-dir: src
git-subtree-split: 61c003caf1c247cd7d79fd22f287f045f198dc58
parent 3570302c
......@@ -52,10 +52,10 @@ contains
subroutine InterpolateField(field,nb_nodes,point,space_dim,res) bind(c, name='a_EF_InterpolateField')
implicit none
real(kind=c_double), dimension(nb_nodes) :: field
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), value :: nb_nodes
real(kind=c_double), dimension(space_dim) :: point
real(kind=c_double), dimension(nb_nodes) :: field
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), value :: space_dim
real(kind=c_double), dimension(space_dim) :: point
real(kind=c_double) :: res
integer(kind=4) :: i
......@@ -67,8 +67,8 @@ contains
subroutine ComputeCenter(coor,nb_nodes,isize,ccenter,csize) bind(c, name='a_EF_ComputeCenter')
implicit none
real(kind=c_double), dimension(isize,nb_nodes) :: coor
integer(kind=c_int), intent(in), value :: nb_nodes, isize
real(kind=c_double), dimension(isize,nb_nodes) :: coor
integer(kind=c_int) :: csize
type(c_ptr) :: ccenter
......@@ -110,6 +110,7 @@ add_test( test_rough_detections ${EXECUTABLE_OUTPUT_PATH}/test_rough_detections)
add_test( test_a_EF ${EXECUTABLE_OUTPUT_PATH}/test_a_EF)
set_property(TARGET test_paranoid PROPERTY LINKER_LANGUAGE Fortran)
set_property(TARGET test_algebra PROPERTY LINKER_LANGUAGE Fortran)
set_property(TARGET test_case_vs_gmatrix PROPERTY LINKER_LANGUAGE Fortran)
set_property(TARGET test_DiscreteGeometry PROPERTY LINKER_LANGUAGE Fortran)
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
# when typing 'make'
execute_process(COMMAND ${GIT_EXECUTABLE} -C ${dir} rev-parse HEAD
execute_process(COMMAND ${GIT_EXECUTABLE} --git-dir ${dir}/.git --work-tree=${dir} rev-parse HEAD
OUTPUT_VARIABLE git_revision
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