1. 31 May, 2016 1 commit
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      Squashed 'examples/' changes from b82f1bc..53263b1 · 1f28f4d5
      mozul authored
      53263b1 Merge branch 'for_dummies' into 'master'
      d183718 [NAMING] in mecaMAILx_RIGID_3D only command.py file with "for_dummies" commands
      3d323d9 [NAMING] in mecaMAILx_RIGID_2D only command.py file with "for_dummies" commands
      cfd31fb [NAMING] missed to switch to "for_dummies" in two examples of mecaMAILx_3D
      665ba7f [FIX] missing POSTPRO.DAT in gen_sample
      cd4f5d8 [FIX] typo in gen_sample
      5814138 [FIX] missing POSTPRO.DAT or VlocRloc.INI files in some mecaMAILx_3D examples
      0d24450 [FIX] missing VlocRloc.INI file in some mecaMAILx_2D examples
      42b0ebf [NAMING] in mcaMAILx_3D only command.py file with "for_dummies" commands
      f4bee99 [FIX] WriteDisplayFiles call in dilatation/_umat examples
      405a013 [NAMING] in mcaMAILx_2D only command.py file with "for_dummies" commands
      eca3adf [FIX] missing numpy import in 2_PR_TH_CZM
      cfc3430 [FIX] several minor errors when changing scripts in "for_dummies" format
      537ede0 [FIX] missing postpro in gen_samples of POLYF examples
      7431bad [FIX] missing chipy. in 2_PR_TH_CZM and donut_skin examples
      58df807 [FIX] missing postpro file in arche_plein_ceintre_3D
      10ce891 [FIX] missing numpy module in POLYG_Vther
      49fd7f9 [NAMING] in RIGID_3D only command.py file with "for_dummies" commands
      c69ca53 [FIX] add missing postpro files in POLYG_Vther
      4746f2b [NAMING] in RIGID_2D only command.py file with "for_dummies" commands
      c11e51b notebook maillage
      4eae20a Merge branch 'default_sdl' into 'master'
      5ecefc4 [FIX] use of Stored_Delassus_Loop contact solver in every example
      git-subtree-dir: examples
      git-subtree-split: 53263b146be8dc255ca92f6efbc6986ddea769b5
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