1. 30 Mar, 2016 1 commit
  2. 07 Mar, 2016 10 commits
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      fix README · c50a0e39
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      update tag in readme · c5131291
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      update Theory manual · cc05432f
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      udpate sphinx docs · 1abb8386
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      Merge commit '3224fe86' · d783df1a
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      Merge examples
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      Squashed 'examples/' changes from c315cae..eed7b01 · 3224fe86
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      eed7b01 add basic python tutorial
      git-subtree-dir: examples
      git-subtree-split: eed7b013bf71aff0fdd0194ea8de04bafae70ae5
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      Merge commit '0836c2fc' · 4fce502b
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      Merge examples
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      Squashed 'examples/' changes from 06e5e26..c315cae · 0836c2fc
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      c315cae maj notebooks
      212a33f maj
      b187a5d correct ComputeField before UpdateBulk in Pre examples
      762edf1 remove sys.path.append from all examples
      005bd6b add mecaMAILx_ComputeField before UpdateStep
      3404940 command name change
      941451a maj
      757e441 modifs notebooks
      dba1b41 nettoyage
      ae4c4dd ajout notebook
      be0cfcd exemple de treilli en elements BARxx
      git-subtree-dir: examples
      git-subtree-split: c315caecbc2e09c8fcfd36ecb0cec242c0d16cdf
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      Merge commit '0f711c6a' · be532f60
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      Merge dev sources
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      Squashed 'src/' changes from bd15bce..498f08b · 0f711c6a
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      498f08b fix compilation flags settings
      50b169a default value of frequency in macro function WriteOut*
      555e5d8 Merge branch 'fd_fix_doc' into 'dev'
      a5ad6fd suite
      090d785 modif doc
      6ae4f73 Merge branch 'fd_fixes' into 'dev'
      e00fce2 correction bug affichage PRPL et modif gestion frottement czm si initial friction
      666ccfc Merge branch 'Regul' into 'dev'
      678d776 normal regularization for NORMAL_COUPLED_DOF
      ca4ea89 remove regularization for NORMAL_COUPLED_DOF
      396d8f3 Add regularization for COUPLED_DOF laws
      b9d9ff4 Merge branch 'fd_bili' into 'dev'
      0f21ff4 loi MP3_CZM_THER
      7e627b0 Merge branch 'Regul' into 'dev'
      7ffc272 Add regul for IQS laws
      ff81e99 Merge branch 'fd_fix_mbs' into 'dev'
      7bcc119 one more fix
      e8a14d0 Merge branch 'fd_fix_mbs' into 'dev'
      a8708aa suite de suite de modifs
      97f97b7 suite de suite de modifs
      4f0104a suite modifs
      e71e820 gestion mixte objets lmgc90 et mbs
      5cba6ce Merge branch 'fix_doc' into 'dev'
      acdf408 [DOC] Add missing pictures.
      d3c4995 [DOC] Minor corrections.
      9e59124 Merge branch 'fd_fix_bug' into 'dev'
      2ec6215 fix more bugs added by frozar suite
      9612f1c fix more bugs added by frozar
      ecb0012 Merge branch 'fd_fix_bug' into 'dev'
      0c30a2b correction petit oubli
      dec33d2 Merge branch 'pre_list_default_val' into 'dev'
      925cd89 [PRE] Remove the default value [] for any argument in python: generally not the desired behavior.
      1fed708 Merge branch 'API_StartCollection' into 'dev'
      c12e4ec fix import error of ddm_utils when vtk python module is not available
      4b70ea1 change startCollection arguments order and default values for consistent call
      8d1661c Merge branch 'fix_display' into 'dev'
      4d572bb add a fake interaction when necessary to have the same number of files than rigid/tact/etc, add a new ptc display (experimental)
      REVERT: bd15bce Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      REVERT: ed992f2 Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      REVERT: 1197b55 Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      REVERT: ae6c187 Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      git-subtree-dir: src
      git-subtree-split: 498f08b2662476bcd2910242227e689d76e89ac9
  3. 03 Feb, 2016 3 commits
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      update readme file · 95c16cb1
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      Squashed 'src/' changes from ed992f2..bd15bce · cf6bfb43
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      bd15bce Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      6f76660 Merge branch 'cmake_fix' into 'dev'
      7dde80c forgot package for doc building in readme
      b0891b6 forgot package for doc building in readme
      8c4711d update README file
      e79229e use 'off' instead of 'none' to desactivate MUMPS compilation
      3ee137b fix phtread missing symbol on some linux distribution when building mumps
      4716013 correct error when numpy module is missing
      4a510c4 correct error when numpy module is missing
      b6f3c73 Merge branch 'fix_POLYR' into 'dev'
      0291a6c gestion auto contact
      fcdd386 Merge branch 'sphinx_deps' into 'dev'
      02a48da fix dependencies when building sphinx doc
      02335ab Merge branch 'fix_copyright' into 'dev'
      0823740 Core/src/contact_3D/mod_CSASp.f90
      9b8227a nettoyage de print de merde
      c2c12e0 setting copyright for 2016
      8686e84 Merge branch 'PoroField' into 'dev'
      43067bc add function to get scalar field rank in poroMAILx
      5edd233 Merge branch 'cmake_fix' into 'dev'
      1ef6c6b fix matlib depency in cmake
      de0464e update configure message
      8b0bcd5 update python library research with cmake
      65bcdb5 banning in source build with cmake
      7415dc0 Merge branch 'fiber_fix' into 'dev'
      01c510e some simple fix for FiberModel use
      68d4018 Merge branch 'fix_abp' into 'dev'
      03aeefd modif pour abp, pour regul, pour recuperer la contrainte sur un corps, etc
      e0bdd44 modif pour gestion mixite depuis tact_behav
      03d9b32 Merge branch 'cmake_fix' into 'dev'
      9d3d3e2 fix cmake dependency with matlib4
      git-subtree-dir: src
      git-subtree-split: bd15bce9d16df029ac9641726008a0a77d4c0bb3
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      Merge commit 'cf6bfb43' · 9b7019a5
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      Merge lmgc90_dev for 2016 second release candidate
  4. 04 Jan, 2016 4 commits
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      Squashed 'src/' changes from 1197b55..ed992f2 · ad0f6767
      mozul authored
      ed992f2 Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      b5ebfb1 Merge branch 'matlib4' into 'dev'
      c51d0cc use of Matlib v4
      1cdbb24 Merge branch 'fix_qh' into 'dev'
      864c5c9 modif de la routine convex hull
      d99f6e8 Merge branch 'fix_flags' into 'dev'
      cb76f92 correction de bugs dans les tests de polyr2bdyty(3,xx) ; ajout regul gap_sgr_clb
      2c76a13 Merge branch 'visu_restart' into 'dev'
      2d6f760 Allow to restart visualization from a certain index value
      9f9f9e8 Merge branch 'da_fix' into 'dev'
      3aefb7b fix bug in set vector field by node in meca and ther MAILx (thanks to DA)
      1a240cc Merge branch 'compil_fix' into 'dev'
      82759b6 fix compilation with ifort
      64ba5e7 Merge branch 'fix_contacteursquadratiques' into 'dev'
      c2181e2 correction timer disparu
      215d1a6 suppression dans write_bodies, get_idata, get_idata_sz de la reference aux vieux contacteurs
      b33e7ec modif contacteurs quadratiques ; correction qq bug : integration 1 pg sur Q4 , masse lumpee Q8 et H20
      fc086e6 modifs
      04b6eac qq modifs
      f91a8ca ajout gestion Q quadra
      8f9f925 ajout ASpx6 et ASpx8
      ef8df90 Merge branch 'CSAS_projection' into 'dev'
      62f4360 fix realloc in second_form
      c960189 put back systematic reallocation in FONCT_FORME and DERIVE_FORM to avoid side effects, and correct potential memory leak in second_form
      6280ec4 draft of test of second derivative of form function
      0e431f5 fix second derivatives of form functions
      cc0b192 finish and test projection function with linear hexahedron
      52a0db0 draft of projection computation using form function and derivatives in minimization problem
      21eff87 add second derivative of form functions
      6192f3d Merge branch 'fix_regul' into 'dev'
      099cbac modifs pour la regul avec ajout sur la partie tangente, correction nlgs_3D pour diagonal resolution
      fcc4922 Merge branch 'fix' into 'dev'
      232b6fe Write postpro in checkInteractiveCommand
      041cef5 Merge branch 'fix_mecaEF' into 'dev'
      fdf9764 remise en place get_ele_ptr_mecaEF_iso
      764bd0f Merge branch 'rigidPolyhedron_fix' into 'dev'
      e3d4af9 Putting back FatalDamping macro function but without arguments and blindly applying it to all objects
      2dd7648 fix documentation
      4b69a01 consistent API of FatalDamping functions and remove corresponding macro function
      df7ea58 if scipy is available, use qhull to generate connectivity of a polyhedron in pre_lmgc
      487c024 Merge branch 'compil_fix' into 'dev'
      6167d66 fix compilation when not using robotran
      29c3b33 Merge branch 'mbs' into 'dev'
      5849bb7 Merge branch 'mbs_ucl' into 'mbs'
      5141da9 external_add_reac and external_get_vlocy now get the transformation maxtrix to change the frame of torque and angular velocities
      a2fd58a improving comments
      1242036 Replace write(*...) by call to logmes
      37bd4e7 Correction d'une erreur introduite sur l'argument de get_behav_POLYR
      f941726 Remplacement des appel au mot-clefs 'stop' par des appel à la fonction faterr. Remplacement effectué dans mod_PLANx et mod_POLYR.
      734d77b Bug correction : shift TT for i_mbs3 was never called
      3a65e76 Nullify Reac and Raux in increment function
      a2bd970 Torque vector is now projected in body Frame (before it was in global frame)
      ca018d2 get_isee function argument replaced to get body type (RBDY3 or MBS)... modify_behaviour_SPPLx does no more check body type (only check contactor type and color) Update arguments of XX_PLANx functions call.
      9087c4a Angular velocity vector is now projected in body Frame (before it was in global frame)
      3554adb get_isee function argument replaced to get body type (RBDY3 or MBS)... Update arguments of XX_PLANx functions call.
      d0c3e88 get_isee function argument replaced to get body type (RBDY3 or MBS)... Update arguments of XX_PLANx functions call.
      d944f87 Correcting get_coor_POLYR and get_intertia_frame_POLYR functions call... Update arguments of XX_PLANx functions call.
      d2c6114 Heavy modification to call MBS module in case of the contactor is on a MBS or RBDY3 module in the other case.
      9e89503 New function to retrieve embedded frame and loading PLAnx on MBS
      f56b7ec attempt to fix clean_memory bug with mbs
      18dff66 MBS : null pointer initialization
      e891c14 cleaning lmgc90 memory in MBS when calling Finalize()
      ca0c348 fix compil in clean_memory of mbs module
      ffe4871 real clean_memory in mbs
      1ff8a9f correct detection in PRPR when mixing MBS and RBDY3
      5370be2 Merge branch 'CSxxx_SetQuadrature' into 'dev'
      96a6d82 fix error sphinx doc of pre
      5503d2d adding possibility to have real options when instanciating contactors in pre_lmgc
      c9cf310 fix bug in CSxxx point computation with quadrature rule
      01e0353 Putting back SetQuadrature python function as obsolete one
      93ef14c suppress compilation warning
      7b5b06f In pre_lmgc delete xSxxx contactor and have only CSpxx and ASpxx type with quadrature as an option of CSpxx
      f495289 Change api in wrapped function to select version file format
      22e75c5 file version reading management
      ac20548 Change contactor type to ASpxx and CSpxx and include quadrature rule of CS as a number instead of last x
      f91bd8b change CSxxx_SetQuadrature to have constant point by element
      50f8a2d Merge branch 'regul' into 'dev'
      24fb2dc ajout regularisation pour MC et modif findnumpy
      7b17aaf Merge branch 'ASpxx_Explode' into 'dev'
      601115c Merge branch 'megabug' into 'dev'
      7f9011f mega buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug !
      c0aedf3 ajout d'une commande pour exploser les patch ASpxx en singleton
      35cf6c0 ajout d'une commande pour exploser les patches ASpxx -> ASxxx
      34b5fe2 Merge branch 'Creation_pvtu_pvtp' into 'dev'
      fc65953 Creation des fichier .pvtu et .pvtp pour la DDM
      git-subtree-dir: src
      git-subtree-split: ed992f24dbfa057de53694a002bde30542ac47dd
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      Merge commit 'ad0f6767' · 738c41fd
      mozul authored
      Merge lmgc90_dev for 2016 second release candidate
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      Squashed 'examples/' changes from a3e112b..06e5e26 · 2739da53
      mozul authored
      06e5e26 Update to new type of contactor CSxxx and ASpxx and quadrature management
      be046ba command_post new style
      git-subtree-dir: examples
      git-subtree-split: 06e5e26e284bb448960238f89b786c44490babae
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      Merge commit '2739da53' · cb16fbfb
      mozul authored
      Merge 2016.rc2 lmgc90_user_examples in examples
  5. 28 Sep, 2015 3 commits
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      update docs to last version · 191b7bc0
      mozul authored
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      Squashed 'src/' changes from 61c003c..1197b55 · e75b7a86
      mozul authored
      1197b55 Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      d954d3b Merge branch 'planx_inertia_fix' into 'dev'
      cf7ccd7 fix inertia computaiton of planx in pre_lmgc
      7c7b117 fix inertia matrix computation of PLANx
      8a3cfa5 Merge branch 'PutBodyVector' into 'dev'
      5ea882f Merge branch 'fix_SPSP' into 'dev'
      fcf23a1 correction bug calcul Vbegin
      886cdc6 modif des xxxxMAILx_put_vector
      2827d26 Merge branch 'siconos' into 'dev'
      99ab331 attempt to fix bug when quadrature of CSxxx not 0
      a810416 set C_FLAGS of SiconosNumerics compilation through LMGC90
      4422cb7 fix compilation error
      988adae Merge branch 'logmes' into 'dev'
      66f087a WARNING log messages always displayed
      23af95c adding internal timer for nlgs_3d ExSolver function
      d2ed071 switch some print to logmes and possibility to force message even if disabled
      34ba5fd Merge branch 'nlgs_log' into 'dev'
      bb08e85 Ajout d'un log dans ExSolver
      46c9a09 Merge branch 'get_coor_POLYR_fix' into 'dev'
      19aae6d fix get_coor_POLYR function call
      01b04b3 Merge branch 'loi_preGAP_SGR_CLB' into 'dev'
      9a2459e pta: reactivation loi preGAP_SGR_CLB
      a086ba9 pta: correction pour merge
      d9558f0 pta: reactivation de la loi preGAP_SGR_CLB dans le Core et le pre
      94b51e4 Merge branch 'ExternalFEM' into 'dev'
      1b053d6 Merge branch 'fix_gfortran44' into 'dev'
      70bcd67 Merge branch 'mpi_without_mumps' into 'dev'
      dae179c Merge branch 'ddm_fix' into 'dev'
      5e1d76b Ajout de la fonction externalFEM_get_V dans Std_ExternalFEM.f90
      4a4ef62 Modification de la syntaxe ExternalFEM_ComputeV. La boucle n'est plus faite dans LMGC90. Ceci corrige un bug pour les calculs periodiques
      89b7955 Ajout d'un patch pour compilation avec GCC 4.4
      dfe2a2b Autorise une compilation AVEC mpi mais SANS mumps
      5556f20 Correction : ne marchait pas lorsque la fonction est lancée dans un thread mpirun
      2b36d5e Merge branch 'perales_fix' into 'dev'
      8422774 Ugly fix of seg fault when calling clean_memory and skipping He build
      79a1cc9 add F. Perales fix according to change of library name in Xper
      9f8363c Merge branch 'fix' into 'dev'
      6043aca update warning/error messages when trying to import/use optional modules
      4159a85 fix seg fault when using mecaMAILx_GpvVTKDrawAll when no mecaMAILx present
      8c8bf84 Add wrap of reverse contact order for nlgs_3D
      9043d15 fix README
      53ae1fb Merge branch 'reload' into 'dev'
      e1030dc When restarting a computation, get starting file increment
      5327a89 possibility to read VlocRloc file of OUTBOX directory
      e29245e possibility to read GPV file of OUTBOX directory
      d273f69 possibility to read DOF file of OUTBOX for all body type
      37a497a add a parameter to RBDY2_ReadIniDof routine to read output file
      ca4ddcb Merge branch 'fix_RTA_laws' into 'dev'
      321e8c1 correction bug 2
      853b79c correction bug
      39508df  prise en compte _nosldt
      140fba9 one more modif
      c7d3ecd one more modif
      7168730 des modifs pour la loi gap_sgr_clb_g0 et les lois _nosldt et _noslds
      0213711 Merge branch 'fix_bars' into 'dev'
      3f42c22 correction in extrusion of group function and management of Q4 element
      25ae2ad update coordinates of nodes in Track class of gmshutils
      1d54535 no critical bug when using GpvVTKDrawAll with bar elements
      51fa425 activate only linear prisme in SHB
      c3826c4 use a list of points in Track class of gmshutils
      9850972 fix in mesh tracking
      229bea4 add point tracking in a mesh using gmshpy
      6f1e8fd update comments in compute_center function of a_EF module
      b9d279f fix from bad merge
      1fb16c8 Update SHB module
      fb9008b remove ugly spaces
      40890c0 adding gmshutils module in pylmgc90 package allowing to read inp file, write geo file and generate msh file from geo one
      982c678 in mesh class, possibility to extruded a physical entity
      870a065 add BARxx to possible 2D elements
      65eefb2 visu axial stress/strain
      4bc2f6e modif bar element ; add BARxx to pre ; modify name of function for ByElement fields
      3f2381f passage mecaEF_iso en private, reactivation mecaEF_bar
      db1ad43 Merge branch 'new_IQS_Stick' into 'dev'
      16ce851 modifs pour loi xxx_STICK
      6abf4d3 Merge branch 'inter_accessor' into 'dev'
      11ac90a adding access to antagonist and candidat contactor index of an interaction
      bafed69 fix swig file dependency to .h files
      a2817cf Merge branch 'api' into 'dev'
      5636726 add function to get number and color of contactors of a RBDY2
      b2588a4 add dependency of overall to externalMBS module
      75961da Merge branch 'fix_mbs_name' into 'dev'
      b695ead fix lowercase name of wrap_mbs.h file in chipy.i.in
      3509f90 Merge branch 'fix' into 'dev'
      76b5433 buildMeshedAvatar function of pre_lmgc now to deepcopy of bulks and nodes objects
      2abdc5b fix map use in therMAILx and poroMAILx too
      3d389b2 fix bug when number of mecaMAILx and therMAILx are different
      448f384 Merge branch 'mbs' into 'dev'
      ce7a262 modify some comments
      2951df1 fix strange bug when printing result of a function
      8d904e8 link with FiberModel external MBS library
      34d3679 fix case dependent name for compile and improve display function of mbs
      ed4ab9c adding Nicolas Docquier's fix to use external mbs library
      8ade4bf correction in call of get_inertia_frame_POLYR and cluster of PLANx in PRPL detection
      e992417 adding third index to all tact2bdyty map to store on what type of body a contactor is tied to
      bf790b5 draft of cmake link with robotran external mbs library
      947a306 cmake file to look for external mbs library (empty)
      0cf6615 prepare compiling with external mbs library
      fe3177c diverses modfis pour prendre en compte le mbs
      983e63c qq modif de fd liees au mbs
      50286ce correct loading of interaction with mbs in nlgs_3D... no resolution yet
      ddbae90 attempt to create MBS with POLYR contactors
      f2d87ae genesis of a Multi Body System handler module
      f7088e6 Merge branch 'these_riviere' into 'dev'
      905488e ajout modif these jriviere
      7f399cc Merge branch 'bug_fix' into 'dev'
      b5aabfc fix therMAILx get_all function when used with mecaMAILx
      211e38a fix bug when reading DOF.INI with more therMAILx than mecaMAILx
      16bdd00 Merge branch 'rev_2015.3' into 'dev'
      75dbab3 ugly trick to check metis version when compiling MUMPS-5.0.0
      b61ff53 simple attempt to automatically set min and max time step when setting time step
      e6a2d35 put numpy include dir flag befor Python's one
      728c061 check cython version before compiling rTree python binding
      273a8d2 Possibility to desactivate use of Python Framework use in CMake
      5fa6f98 minor bug fix
      6877226 fix error in orthotropic frame computation
      3fab071 Maj to vtk field
      2663812 remove obsolete buildMeshedAvatar method from mesh class
      9ed5f0b fix typo in material of Pre sphinx doc
      afc3e1b fix external fields (scalar/vector) in Pre sphinx doc
      c5369e8 Merge branch 'fix_display' into 'dev'
      b625851 un peu plus de commentaires
      165e0bd fix de la visu des champs grad/flux en meca avec les modele builin
      ae6c187 Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      git-subtree-dir: src
      git-subtree-split: 1197b55e6c0d6420fd7dd639f44604d44919f2c6
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      Merge commit 'e75b7a86' · 40c12dd7
      mozul authored
      Update sources for new user version
  6. 25 Sep, 2015 2 commits
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      Squashed 'examples/' changes from 0459b53..a3e112b · e0fef735
      mozul authored
      a3e112b small fix in Taylor3D mesh example to use mumps
      2dec6a7 use new interface or ReadIniDof to write command_post scripts
      65dd94d various modif ; add One BARxx example
      git-subtree-dir: examples
      git-subtree-split: a3e112bc33e04fa2a939134b4925b82a9133c335
    • mozul's avatar
      Merge commit 'e0fef735' · db83dca0
      mozul authored
      Getting last examples
  7. 26 May, 2015 11 commits
  8. 25 Mar, 2015 6 commits
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      update docs directory according to release 2015.2 · 77f616dc
      mozul authored
    • mozul's avatar
      Merge commit '8e599252' · 6ceffba4
      mozul authored
      Get lmgc90_user_examples tag 2015.2
    • mozul's avatar
      Squashed 'examples/' changes from e5f8682..104cc2e · 8e599252
      mozul authored
      8073530 Merge branch 'rc2015.2' into 'master'
      eaaae59 add new performance workshop
      ba08e81 remove old performance workshop
      4c62b85 adding membrane_3D example for workshop
      e73e248 fix .pvd file location in RIGID_3D/thermal_3D example
      f7f3b86 fix cylinder length in prepro_grains/cylinder3D example
      de5bf3c renaming generation script to gen_sample.py for overall naming consistency
      a661792 correction in .pvd file writing in electrical and thermal examples
      c69b867 update readme file
      0b9e2ed update wall3D example for 2015 release
      7b9eb2e update wall2D example for 2015 release
      8b50572 adding shell script to run an example
      d691814 update prepro_mesh2D examples for 2015 release
      ae02efe removing duplicate mur example
      7f85315 update examples of Pre/prepro_grains for 2015 release
      a574526 maj modele therm 3D
      0b020d1 maj modele elec
      80fabdd ajout mots cles manquant
      aaafc8c update display commands in rigid multi physics example for workshop
      c15ecf6 first update of Ateliers examples
      c9227fd mise a jour des fct Ptr
      9e98aa4 mise a jour des fct Ptr
      1cde098 first update of poro and therMAILx example
      ad9fc23 update mecaMAILx_RIGID_3D examples for 2015 release and add missing update of mecaMAILx_RIGID_2D
      aafd04d update mecaMAILx_RIGID_2D examples for 2015 release
      f0658ca remove duplicate example script
      e8ad960 rename cubes_H8_explicit example in cubes_H8
      d7a3d97 update mecaMAILx examples for 2015 release and remove cubes_H8 duplicate example
      0b15238 update mecaMAILx_2D examples for 2015 release
      8ef9c9b update RIGID_3D examples for rev 2015 ddm and thermal not working yet
      8034525 update RIGID_2D example for new version
      5aa3321 update SetField function names
      REVERT: e5f8682 removing duplicate mur example
      REVERT: 801823d Merge branch 'rc2015' of git-xen.lmgc.univ-montp2.fr:lmgc90/lmgc90_user_examples into rc2015
      REVERT: 75681d7 update examples of Pre/prepro_grains for 2015 release
      REVERT: 783cdf7 maj modele therm 3D
      REVERT: 6c4b9fe maj modele elec
      REVERT: 0de267e ajout mots cles manquant
      REVERT: d80b3dd Merge branch 'rc2015' of git-xen.lmgc.univ-montp2.fr:lmgc90/lmgc90_user_examples into rc2015
      REVERT: e5b8227 update display commands in rigid multi physics example for workshop
      REVERT: b9110d0 first update of Ateliers examples
      REVERT: acf58dc mise a jour des fct Ptr
      REVERT: b4b1e8f mise a jour des fct Ptr
      REVERT: 580a96b first update of poro and therMAILx example
      REVERT: 03ceb24 update mecaMAILx_RIGID_3D examples for 2015 release and add missing update of mecaMAILx_RIGID_2D
      REVERT: 13255ca update mecaMAILx_RIGID_2D examples for 2015 release
      REVERT: d2b231c remove duplicate example script
      REVERT: b1c2a99 rename cubes_H8_explicit example in cubes_H8
      REVERT: 50fb915 update mecaMAILx examples for 2015 release and remove cubes_H8 duplicate example
      REVERT: 2ee408d update mecaMAILx_2D examples for 2015 release
      REVERT: 2994047 update RIGID_3D examples for rev 2015 ddm and thermal not working yet
      REVERT: ea93075 update RIGID_2D example for new version
      git-subtree-dir: examples
      git-subtree-split: 104cc2e34f89d107f167f4f94b65e37856d5c911
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      Squashed 'src/' changes from 5f57e5a..2ba7104 · 522697f2
      mozul authored
      20e1c66 Merge branch 'fd_jul' into 'dev'
      1f0fd27 modifs fd
      6758129 Merge branch 'rc2015-2' into 'dev'
      572b211 minor update of tutorial script of pre_lmgc sphinx doc
      c6814ed correction erreur docstring
      9d46c5f update readme
      1735298 update readme
      b2e81a3 put back extrudeRigids routine accidentally removed from pre_lmgc
      a1b716e modif du wrap pour mp rigid
      81dcf7f Merge branch 'compil_fix' into 'dev'
      5da431e python rTree binding compilation only if numpy version greater than 1.6
      8b94fd3 fix ifort compilation
      74f6883 Merge branch 'add_wrap' into 'dev'
      908c19e add wrap for 3D coupling with gmsh + fix typo somewhere
      ebe6fbd Merge branch 'ddm_fix' into 'dev'
      9a29d31 adding function to Std_ExternalFEM for standard DDM compilation
      fce739c Merge branch 'bugs_fix_080315' into 'dev'
      0d754a3 bug fix dans models et modif pour que ca compil avec ifort sur macos
      9efd32c Merge branch 'models_vector_field' into 'dev'
      e3542fd adding setter by elem or node on scalar and vector fields for ther, poro and multi
      11048bc Merge branch 'Print_3D' into 'dev'
      ec76bfc Merge branch 'DDM_V2.0' into 'dev'
      c987102 Modif pour la DDM : - Ajout d'une variable DDM_SCHWARTZ, - Ajout d'un vecteur Vddm
      1dce054 Correction d'un bug bloquant s'il MPI n'est pas utilisé
      8e08a02 DDM pour Xper, V2
      079a059 Merge branch 'fd_fixes_28012015' into 'dev'
      c2f44c7 broutilles
      0330e20 modifs
      2ecf3e1 modifs intersection_wp
      0226d6c modifs intersection polytopes
      2239ec6 ajout nouvelle fonction intersection polytope
      590b1e5 correction d'un message
      3a56ee1 Merge branch 'wood_orthotropic_frame' into 'dev'
      daaed5f use external vector field MARROW_POINT and MARROW_ORIENT in user orthotropic frame computation
      e9faba5 fix call to set_ortho_frame_by_user
      573375e Merge branch 'models_and_external_fields' into 'dev'
      c2140ec split mecaMAILx_SetField automatic switch between SetFieldByNode and SetFieldByElem in distinct wrapped functions
      3aa5227 change ext_f model keyword to extsf and ext_v to extvf
      adfee3e Merge branch 'set_field_by_ele' into 'dev'
      9906851 set vector field by element
      5ee79f9 set field on elements in mecaMAILx
      9a29907 Merge branch 'vector_field' into 'dev'
      14437d0 adding external vector field at Gauss point
      48b45d8 Remplacement d'un write en logmes dans mod_CSASp
      fe976c9 Modification de la fonction display_tacinfo : Changement des write(*) en logmes
      58c3f15 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev' into Print_3D
      13d4967 Merge branch 'cmake_correction' into 'dev'
      85d044f correct dependencies in contribs compilation and improve test of rtree
      c3270d9 Merge branch 'Allegement_VTK' into 'dev'
      839be09 Merge branch 'Optimisation_prep_nlgs_2D_3D' into 'dev'
      9cbac27 Merge branch 'Timers_3D' into 'dev'
      ef5b13a Allègement des fichiers VTK par codage des entiers et des doubles sur 32 bits au lieu de 64.
      966b38e Optimisation de prep_nlgs en 2D et en 3D par sauvegarde des "reverse adjacents"
      0671efd Remplacement de print par des logmes pour les CZM 3D, afin d'être homogène avec le 2D.
      282354c Ajout de timers pour les CZM 3D, afin d'être homogène avec le 2D.
      3bf6563 Merge branch 'fd0115_fixes' into 'dev'
      46a7225 modif pour Morhr Coulomb intrinseque
      302e655 Merge branch 'rtree_python_binding' into 'dev'
      c40c5f5 adding test of python binding of rtree library
      ec21e0e renaming rTree python module
      18395a4 better binding with cython of rtree library
      3b313e0 python API on rTree library using cython
      REVERT: 5f57e5a correct openmp compilation error in nlgs_3D
      REVERT: 3705bdb minor update of tutorial script of pre_lmgc sphinx doc
      REVERT: 91dfd2d correction erreur docstring
      REVERT: 0cb3eab update readme
      REVERT: b6fc67b update readme
      REVERT: c31a22e Merge branch 'rc2015' of git-xen.lmgc.univ-montp2.fr:lmgc90/lmgc90_dev into rc2015
      REVERT: c74be7a put back extrudeRigids routine accidentally removed from pre_lmgc
      REVERT: c92a255 modif du wrap pour mp rigid
      git-subtree-dir: src
      git-subtree-split: 2ba7104259b0a9c3b01b4621dbb495c8827ceb7f
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      Merge commit '522697f2' · 8f90e403
      mozul authored
      Get lmgc90_dev tag 2015.2
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      correction in macport dependencies in README file · 6faf1b55
      mozul authored