1. 23 May, 2016 1 commit
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      Squashed 'examples/' changes from eed7b01..b11f3a4 · e8fedc29
      mozul authored
      b11f3a4 Merge branch 'atelier_detection' into 'master'
      af010d4 [FIX] fix PRPR detection workshop examples
      a1b34d5 Merge branch 'python_tutorial' into 'master'
      8ce589f ajout therMAILx_ComputeThermFields()
      5e18053 [DOC] add some exercises in Basis notebook
      d4d2358 [DOC] rename notebook in english
      bda2865 [DOC] english translation of notebook
      d66e3d4 [DOC] adding a new tutorial shorter than the previous ones
      02ee377 [DOC] fix typos in english introduction tutorial
      f163c55 remove DATBOX
      6475861 [DOC] fix typos in english introduction tutorial
      158a728 [DOC] translate python_introduction notebook in english
      9d47a65 Merge branch 'fix_computeFields' into 'master'
      9a2de0a [FIX] ComputeField call before UpdateBulk when using mecaMAILx in Ateliers examples
      1c32066 Merge branch 'frozar_delete_datbox' into 'master'
      74d02ee [EXAMPLE] Delete the directory 'DATBOX' from directory 'mecaMAILx_2D/dilatation' because there is a script 'gen_sample.py'
      d0d34ee Merge branch 'frozar_python_matplotlib' into 'master'
      45aaa5c [GEN_SAMPLE] Delete the useless 'import pylab'.
      89be9da Merge branch 'frozar_python_vtk' into 'master'
      1f3481e [GEN_SAMPLES] Protect the call to visuAvatars() with a 'try ... except ...'
      9ae6e91 Merge branch 'jenkins_MsgExit' into 'master'
      77f70fb [GEN_SAMPLES] Delete the call to 'Msg.Exit(0)': get the right status at the end of the execution.
      f72912d Merge branch 'frozar_issue_1' into 'master'
      9424fab [BUGFIX] Close the file descriptors 'fit' and 'fii' and delete the use of 'CloseDisplayFiles()'.
      be7261f Changing Stored_Delassus_Loops to Exchange_Local_Global everywhere
      19bb6aa maj
      967fe17 maj notebook
      git-subtree-dir: examples
      git-subtree-split: b11f3a46fdf98a04f1243ef0a778d426f60e3d05
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