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      Merge commit '36460556' · 29304c38
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      Squashed 'examples/' changes from 53263b1..7d97efb · 36460556
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      7d97efb Merge branch 'frozar_fix' into 'master'
      4719110 [FIX] missing detection PRPRx method
      6086e2d [FIX] Correct a comment (# was missing).
      git-subtree-dir: examples
      git-subtree-split: 7d97efbaffb0a982fcf90ab925fbc6c0f787b2e8
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      [DOC] update sphinx docs of last sources · 62b39777
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      [FIX] error in port package name in README · f3515b99
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      Squashed 'examples/' changes from b82f1bc..53263b1 · 1f28f4d5
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      53263b1 Merge branch 'for_dummies' into 'master'
      d183718 [NAMING] in mecaMAILx_RIGID_3D only command.py file with "for_dummies" commands
      3d323d9 [NAMING] in mecaMAILx_RIGID_2D only command.py file with "for_dummies" commands
      cfd31fb [NAMING] missed to switch to "for_dummies" in two examples of mecaMAILx_3D
      665ba7f [FIX] missing POSTPRO.DAT in gen_sample
      cd4f5d8 [FIX] typo in gen_sample
      5814138 [FIX] missing POSTPRO.DAT or VlocRloc.INI files in some mecaMAILx_3D examples
      0d24450 [FIX] missing VlocRloc.INI file in some mecaMAILx_2D examples
      42b0ebf [NAMING] in mcaMAILx_3D only command.py file with "for_dummies" commands
      f4bee99 [FIX] WriteDisplayFiles call in dilatation/_umat examples
      405a013 [NAMING] in mcaMAILx_2D only command.py file with "for_dummies" commands
      eca3adf [FIX] missing numpy import in 2_PR_TH_CZM
      cfc3430 [FIX] several minor errors when changing scripts in "for_dummies" format
      537ede0 [FIX] missing postpro in gen_samples of POLYF examples
      7431bad [FIX] missing chipy. in 2_PR_TH_CZM and donut_skin examples
      58df807 [FIX] missing postpro file in arche_plein_ceintre_3D
      10ce891 [FIX] missing numpy module in POLYG_Vther
      49fd7f9 [NAMING] in RIGID_3D only command.py file with "for_dummies" commands
      c69ca53 [FIX] add missing postpro files in POLYG_Vther
      4746f2b [NAMING] in RIGID_2D only command.py file with "for_dummies" commands
      c11e51b notebook maillage
      4eae20a Merge branch 'default_sdl' into 'master'
      5ecefc4 [FIX] use of Stored_Delassus_Loop contact solver in every example
      git-subtree-dir: examples
      git-subtree-split: 53263b146be8dc255ca92f6efbc6986ddea769b5
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      Merge commit '1f28f4d5' · d24baec6
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      Getting last examples for CMU course
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      Merge commit 'ea2ac027' · 98dd03ac
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      Getting last dev for CMU course
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      Squashed 'src/' changes from 46e2d8a..9035eb4 · ea2ac027
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      9035eb4 Merge branch 'sphinx' into 'dev'
      26f2338 [DOC] in sphinx doc of chipy, use "from pylmgc90 import chipy" in examples
      24010ae Merge branch 'fd_fix_typo' into 'dev'
      42b8455 modifs
      c9a79cd various small modifications
      git-subtree-dir: src
      git-subtree-split: 9035eb42c880a0879bd5e4e7c7874472e9881555
  7. 23 May, 2016 14 commits
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      Squashed 'examples/' changes from b11f3a4..b82f1bc · 555ea7cd
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      b82f1bc [FIX] error in Basis tutorial notebook
      git-subtree-dir: examples
      git-subtree-split: b82f1bc253e5ba4b40409f4533bf83d8cfea3a0d
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      Merge commit '555ea7cd' · 5acefbda
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      Fix error in Basis tutorial notebook
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      Squashed 'src/' changes from ff3860f..46e2d8a · 67789275
      mozul authored
      46e2d8a Merge branch 'frozar_arg_parse' into 'dev'
      a79dae4 [MISPELLING]
      8e75e55 [FIX] arg_parse look ignore unknown arguments in order to keep using our notebooks
      REVERT: ff3860f Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      REVERT: bd15bce Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      REVERT: ed992f2 Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      REVERT: 1197b55 Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      REVERT: ae6c187 Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      git-subtree-dir: src
      git-subtree-split: 46e2d8a7ff67ae6db8f8ff4de372c82729bba10a
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      Merge commit '67789275' · 2b2b2e90
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      Getting fix to use jupyter notebook with LMGC90
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      [FIX] download link of windows version · 1578a3c4
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      [FIX] readme · b3ae3d29
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      [DOC] adding sphinx doc of dev · 93918a39
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      [DOC] adding sphinx doc of chipy · 39d0e46b
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      [DOC] adding sphinx doc of pre_lmgc · dc8ecc92
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      [REL] remove obsolete and sandbox directory of dev · 31381a71
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      Squashed 'examples/' changes from eed7b01..b11f3a4 · e8fedc29
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      b11f3a4 Merge branch 'atelier_detection' into 'master'
      af010d4 [FIX] fix PRPR detection workshop examples
      a1b34d5 Merge branch 'python_tutorial' into 'master'
      8ce589f ajout therMAILx_ComputeThermFields()
      5e18053 [DOC] add some exercises in Basis notebook
      d4d2358 [DOC] rename notebook in english
      bda2865 [DOC] english translation of notebook
      d66e3d4 [DOC] adding a new tutorial shorter than the previous ones
      02ee377 [DOC] fix typos in english introduction tutorial
      f163c55 remove DATBOX
      6475861 [DOC] fix typos in english introduction tutorial
      158a728 [DOC] translate python_introduction notebook in english
      9d47a65 Merge branch 'fix_computeFields' into 'master'
      9a2de0a [FIX] ComputeField call before UpdateBulk when using mecaMAILx in Ateliers examples
      1c32066 Merge branch 'frozar_delete_datbox' into 'master'
      74d02ee [EXAMPLE] Delete the directory 'DATBOX' from directory 'mecaMAILx_2D/dilatation' because there is a script 'gen_sample.py'
      d0d34ee Merge branch 'frozar_python_matplotlib' into 'master'
      45aaa5c [GEN_SAMPLE] Delete the useless 'import pylab'.
      89be9da Merge branch 'frozar_python_vtk' into 'master'
      1f3481e [GEN_SAMPLES] Protect the call to visuAvatars() with a 'try ... except ...'
      9ae6e91 Merge branch 'jenkins_MsgExit' into 'master'
      77f70fb [GEN_SAMPLES] Delete the call to 'Msg.Exit(0)': get the right status at the end of the execution.
      f72912d Merge branch 'frozar_issue_1' into 'master'
      9424fab [BUGFIX] Close the file descriptors 'fit' and 'fii' and delete the use of 'CloseDisplayFiles()'.
      be7261f Changing Stored_Delassus_Loops to Exchange_Local_Global everywhere
      19bb6aa maj
      967fe17 maj notebook
      git-subtree-dir: examples
      git-subtree-split: b11f3a46fdf98a04f1243ef0a778d426f60e3d05
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      Merge commit 'e8fedc29' · 0c46e8a9
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      2016 release candidate 5
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      Squashed 'src/' changes from 498f08b..ff3860f · d0bc9539
      mozul authored
      ff3860f Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      d71310e Merge branch 'fix_import' into 'dev'
      e990229 [FIX] fix lmgc90 module import in pre_lmgc
      6400b4b [FIX] fix vtk module import
      8d1b6cf [FIX] import vtk module instead of import all of vtk module
      1c9f1a3 Merge branch 'fd_fix_PRPLx' into 'dev'
      5dc5300 correction bug read_ini PRPLx
      c004eb7 Merge branch 'fd_fix_DR' into 'dev'
      4afabd9 correction erreur diagonal resolution
      a17faef Merge branch 'fix_compil' into 'dev'
      710a15f [COMPIL] fix stand_alone compilation
      c59f955 Merge branch 'fd_fix_restart' into 'dev'
      092a4fb some modifications to be more clear
      edfb94b Merge branch 'fd_fix_coro' into 'dev'
      8ff40be maj get_nodes pour F. Perales
      20bd83e modifs xqs_wet 3D et F. Perales
      d849504 modifs pour le coro 2D, correction diagonal resolution
      91b93d9 Merge branch 'frozar_python_vtk_for_dev' into 'dev'
      80ba483 [CHIPY] add a warning when an unavailable function is called
      d186f70 [CHIPY] Create the file 'ChiPy/src/macro/config.py' to store the variable 'is_vtk_display'.         This module of configuration is used in:          * 'ChiPy/src/macro/chipy.py'          * 'ChiPy/src/macro/vtk_display.py'         Depending on the value of 'config.is_vtk_display', functions which call         vtk function are enable or not.
      3337080 Merge branch 'jenkins_novisu_for_dev' into 'dev'
      7ef0a42 [PRE_LMGC] Add a new module to parse argument from command line: novisu mode.            Disable the execution of 'visuAvatars()' directly inside the function.
      c5a13b0 Merge branch 'fd_fix_plpl_nc' into 'dev'
      b65a30a prise en compte modifs de FC qui introduit la normale au candidat
      6c3e045 maj
      4cc7b10 first fix
      deac932 Merge branch 'fix_parameters' into 'dev'
      ed4ba71 [FIX] some error in parameters module and automatic initialization of dictinnaries in chipy.Initialize
      71a5904 Merge branch 'debug_omp' into 'dev'
      9684b45 [FIX] some local variables missed the private OMP variable
      14d9aba Merge branch 'POLYG' into 'dev'
      634d36b bcp de bugs !
      f73d369 Merge branch 'parameters' into 'dev'
      bd36139 [DEV] use array size when checking parameter id validity, update doxygen, and only xxxx string for unknown id
      3816195 [FIX] typos
      7b6cb1e [FIX] complete accessor (even for unused maps) and same ordering of parameters definition/use in all files
      50fe325 [FIX] correct association within body_type, contactor_type and interaction_type parameters
      31d1fc0 [FIX] correct association within dime_mode parameters
      68bd362 [FIX] fix error message
      c822249 [DEV] use a pre-allocated array to store all possible name of parameters
      e0588f9 [FIX] fix some minor error in parameters module
      0faa5fb [DEV] creating some config dictionnaries to get LMGC90 parameters
      6a6d32c [FIX] forgot to add parameters module interface to pylmgc90
      e84a693 [DEV] adding accessor on 'parameters' module
      065162c Merge branch 'doc' into 'dev'
      d035fda [DOC] updated *doxy2swig.py* can indiferently used with python 2 or 3
      da8fdd5 [FIX] use correct Python executable within subprocess call of Python itself
      4e95846 [DOC] adding some reminder of Doxygen syntax within 'coding rules' section of sphinx dev
      3859f16 [DOC] attemp to improve syntax of docstring in sphinx doc
      0f0b0f0 [DOC] changing ' to " in Doxygen
      8150772 [DOC] add an ugly sed+regex command to generate nicer docstrings
      46d3e92 [DOC] update doxy2swig.py file
      5c53049 Merge branch 'fd_bugfix' into 'dev'
      acc9300 correction bug read_ini ptpt3 ; mauvaise gestion big_polyr
      42f15f9 Merge branch 'POLYG' into 'dev'
      86b1f13 display iter check
      f7f5c07 bug remove global_distance
      76e1fea remove global_distance
      f4cb80a re-bug sur la tab visu des Big POLYG
      c8a62f6 bug sur la tab visu des Big POLYG
      4db0b25 periodic in non convex
      6112564 clean double contact
      c1bc1ce some comments
      484c5ec more bugs!
      3a14f1e encore et encore ...
      96d376d bug bug ...
      b68e4f4 la suite ...
      a7cf909 debut ...
      81d01f9 Merge branch 'fd_bugfix' into 'dev'
      7fdf021 correction bug spcd pour de vrai
      a4fe380 correction bug spcd
      7b29c7c Merge branch 'fd_fixbug' into 'dev'
      e7dcaa3 modifs detection PRPR + corrections mineures
      a34797d Merge branch 'readme' into 'dev'
      f997a44 [DOC] fix markdown syntax
      59a2814 Merge branch 'readme' into 'dev'
      0ad52e7 [DOC] Update section of README from centos 6.6 to centos 7
      0d53eff [DOC] fix readme file
      39e9aee [DOC] fix brief doxygen keyword typo
      74feb77 [COMPIL] add gfortran compilation flags to allow long line
      e3763ec Merge branch 'fd_fixbug' into 'dev'
      d1b01f6 correction bug
      04d29d9 Merge branch 'fd_ajouts' into 'dev'
      d30ee44 Core/src/contact_3D/mod_PRPRx.f90
      c05ba68 correction bug periodic si une seule boite
      0a3eee2 modif pour detection big polyr et diverses corrections
      47b970b Merge branch 'compilation_flags' into 'dev'
      53708f8 [COMPIL] fix compilation of standalone
      1490d17 relecture par fd
      f698a80 [CMAKE] remove contrib/linearAlgebra useless directory
      39cda3c [CMAKE] moving MUMPs from contribs/linearAlgebra to contribs/ directory
      1f4132f [DOC] documenting cmake implementation
      1c34e46 [CMAKE] remove obsolte macro
      cba94e6 [CMAKE] fix first detection of Python header location
      657740b [CMAKE] remove useless macro setting LAPACK compilation flags
      083631b [CMAKE] remove LAPACK sources and only relies on the one found on the system
      23c12bb [CMAKE] better handling of python interpretor/library/header user defined or automatically detected
      88b7cb5 [CMAKE] fix error in MUMPs compilation flags
      84ffb8c [CMAKE] caching values of flags for all library within CMakeCache.txt
      474d869 [CMAKE] fix forgot include
      c5e38f1 [CMAKE] specific compilation flag management for library compiled as internal project
      8e27218 [CMAKE] compilation flags for the contribs are now defined in main CMakeLists.txt and fix compilation of MUMPs with BUILD_LAPACK
      97597d7 [CMAKE] build all lapack libraries (not only double fonctions) and use of specific compiler options
      47343ee [CMAKE] add profiling OPT option and fix compilation flags to be independent for each contrib
      1f8029f Merge branch 'fd_ajouts' into 'dev'
      4e5e88d nettoyage print
      3595be4 modif dans polyr_wireframe (passage angle pour elimination noeuds sur cotes), ajout setcontactorcolor
      20be93e Merge branch '2016.rc4' into 'dev'
      bd15bce Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      ed992f2 Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      1197b55 Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      ae6c187 Merge branch 'dev' into 'master'
      git-subtree-dir: src
      git-subtree-split: ff3860fb85fba1dcbe0ea9f6cd02a0180b5d2d09
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      Merge commit 'd0bc9539' · 43fe7961
      mozul authored
      2016 release candidate 5
  8. 30 Mar, 2016 3 commits
  9. 07 Mar, 2016 8 commits